Welcome to the User Manual for the M3D Promega 3D Printer. A feature-packed, expandable, industrial 3D printer designed for manufacturing, assembly and design operations. Fully enclosed in a 20" all-metal frame, the 15.3"-cubed build volume makes printing just about anything possible. Please feel free to add suggestions to any of the guides by creating a pull-request or issue on GitHub. This manual is hosted in Github.com via Gitbook.com.

If you are a complete beginner to 3D printing and just got the Promega, please start at the Beginner Guides.

If you are a more experienced 3D printer user: Advanced Guides. This guide will get you set-up and walk you through your first print.

Q&A Promega Users

Submit Issue. Allows you to search for existing issues to upvote them and submit a new issue if you do not find one.

Other Resources:

Firmware/Software Duet Maestro Duet GCodes Promega Parts Store Promega Printed Part Model (STL) Files


The main way to collaborate to the guides is to become a collaborator. But sometimes you simply want to submit a small contribution, without becoming a regular collaborator.

On GitHub, one can use the popular Pull Request feature. To do so, you would clone https://github.com/PrintM3D/Promega-Docs, make changes on your own copy, and submit back your changes by submitting a Pull Request to M3D. Then we will review the changes accordingly.

Thank you