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The Promega is expandable, meaning you can customize it to suit your needs. These are 4 possible extruder configurations.

The Compound nozzle is a dual mixing nozzle, which takes in two filaments and either prints one at a time or mixes them together.

A standard Promega will come with this extruder.

Feel free to browse the part store for more.

20" All Metal Frame

Fully enclosed in a 20" all-metal frame.

15.3" Cubic Build Volume

15.3"-cubed build volume makes printing just about anything possible.

Open Source

Both the Duet3D electronics and the Promega parts are open-sourced.

Where To Start

Please start with the Beginner Guides.

If the Beginner Guides aren't enough, try our Advanced Guides.

Other Resources

Duet3D Board

Promega Parts Store

Open Source

Houses all iterations of:

  • SD Cards

  • Slicer

  • Printed Part.

Q&A Promega Users

Submit Issue. Allows you to search for existing issues to upvote them.

Submit a new issue if you do not find one.


Please feel free to add suggestions to any of the guides by creating a pull-request or issue on GitHub. This manual is hosted in Github.com via Gitbook.com.

The main way to collaborate to the guides is to become a collaborator. But sometimes you simply want to submit a small contribution, without becoming a regular collaborator.

On GitHub, one can use the popular Pull Request feature. To do so, you would clone https://github.com/PrintM3D/Promega-Docs, make changes on your own copy, and submit back your changes by submitting a Pull Request to M3D. Then we will review the changes accordingly.

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