What is the CoreXY?

This is the CoreXY (belt).

Belt Routing

If the belt tension in the coreXY system became too loose the belts can become unseated from their bearings. The coreXY belt system might seem complicated, but it is relatively simple. If your Promega system.

Two Loops

The coreXY belt system is made up from two loops, an upper loop and a bottom loop. You can see this in the image below, one of the stepper motor mounts is higher than the other one. They each pass around the entire frame of the printer and incorporate one of the stepper motors.

This is the belt routing diagram for a generic coreXY system. Below you can see that the belt system is in fact two different colors (blue and red). This same concept is applied in the Promega, there is an upper loop and lower loop.

On the Promega, note that all the belts start at the extruder carriage, and that they end on the extruder carriage as well.

Follow the steps below in order to reroute the coreXY belts. The following steps will start with the upper loop, on the left side of the extruder carriage.

  1. The belt will then travel and go around the bearings on an identical bolt but on the front right corner of the printer.

  2. You have now completed the first loop of the belt system. It helps to tighten down the motor in the back right corner while putting a bit of tension on the belt system in order keep the belts in place.

  3. Repeat this same process for the lower belt loop.

  4. Follow the Belt Tensioning guide in order to tension your CoreXY system and make sure it is square.

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